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Arranging any mountaineering expedition in India is out specialization job. May it be a peak booking, arrangements for HAPS or LAPS, liaison with Indian Mountaineering Foundation, special permission for restricted Areas, English speaking guides, Translation in any language, Hotel Accommodation or transfers.

Peak booking fees, inner line restrictions, import of equipment, camera permits, insurance, medical attention and evacuation procedures have been laid down in details by the Indian mountaineering foundation based in Delhi.

The Himalayas have always held a fascination for people of all ages 25 years ago however, mountaineering expeditions were few and far between. Today, more than 350 to 400 expeditions set off, many of these attempting to climb Everest alone. Owing to the popularity of the sport, The Indian Mountaineering Foundation, which is an apex body for mountaineering and adventure sports, holds a meet every year. The Ministry of Tourism also has a body with respect to Himalayan Tourism. Several institution offer equipment on hire as well as professional help.


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