Pulga village himachal pradesh

Pulga Village in Himachal Pradesh near Parvati Valley

Pulga is a small village in Parvati Valley of Kullu district in himachal pradesh. This village has recently become a hub for backpackers and trekkers across India.

Pulga village in Himachal Pradesh is referred to as one of the most beautiful villages in India.

And what makes it more beautiful are these small and security houses, which are excellent example of modern architecture. So if you’re planning a trip to Parvati Valley or Kasol, then Pulga village should always be on your wish list.

How to Reach Pulga Village

how to reach pulga

In order to reach Pulga Village one can take a overnight bus from Delhi, to Bhuntar, which usually takes12 Hours.

But after reaching Bhutanar, one can read the Taxi from Bhuntar to Barshaini or can even go for local bus services, which usually start 7:00 in the morning and will drop you till Barshaini.

After reaching Barshaini, a small walk or trekking will lead you to village. One has to walk down the dam construction and after 30 to 40 minutes of walk, one can reach this open village in Parvati valley.

The first site of the village is amazing. You are going to witnessed a cluster of wooden houses designed in a very unique way.

The houses are made in such a way that they could store wood for the entire year.

Best time to visit Pulga

best time to visit pulga village

Every time of the year is the best time to visit this place. Inn May and June when entire INdia facing the heat this place can give you chill in your spine.Add

If you’re lucky enough, good, you wouldn’t witness to snow. In Winters the beauty of this Place doubles

Snow clad mountains, Parvti River and the dense deodar Trees will surely make your heart cherish.