Malana – The Hidden Weed Village

Come and step back in time with me as we are going to explore one of the most ancient villages in India ” Malana”.

The people here in malana have some very curious customs. They consider themselves to be superior to the outside
world so they don’t allow outsiders to touch them or their things.  For example, I bought this water on the hike up you’re not allowed to enter the store or hand in the money or grab the water from them. It’s all like a transaction based on just setting stuff on the ground and kind of sliding it over.

Malana is different from other in Kullu Manali. Peoples, Homes, Food and everything is different.

Strength of Malana Village is not too much but peoples gather togeather for theri DEVTA every regular inervals. There is no particular hold of the Govt of India. Whaterver Devta says villagers follows that.

There was a very famous cafe in Malana names ” Goonch has been closed because Devta did not want it continue. They beleive in their DEVTA so much that their each and every moment of life goes as per them. Peoples here has super natural powers. You cannot touch the temples over there. You have to live as per their DEVTA’s rules.

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  1. THE rules keep on changing in Malana on my last visit Malananis were allowed inside the cafe of outsiders in malana but this time it’s banned. Do inquire availability of room before your trip enjoy tripping.

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