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Kullu Dussehra 2018

Nothing demonstrates this relationship better than the festival of the Dussehra. A triumph of good over evil this enactment from the epic Ramayana is celebrated all over India but it is here in Kullu Dussehra that the celebrations have their own significance.

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The festival becomes a great gathering of God from temples all around the valley. These gods come to pay homage to Raghunath ji the presiding deity of Kulu with the blowing of trumpets and the beating of drums they come from different directions. The priests and dependents of the royal family of Kullu await their turn to pay obeisance.

Thus the gods navigate their own path. It is said the spirit of the gods enters the men carrying the palanquin but in a state of from zigzagging to the whims of the deities they arrived to Raghu Nath ji’s Chalet.

The festival, however, awaits the arrival of Hadimba “A powerful goddess of Manali” the patron deity of the Kulu Raja. The protocol demands that till hadimba arrived the Kullu Dussehra festival cannot begin. Hadimba’s as journey starts from the pagoda- temple at Dhungary. Men and women line up along the road with the offering for the all-powerful goddess if Hidimba arrival at the Kulu Maidan, that great Kullu Dussehra can begin.

This festival has become a focal point of tourist activity and attract visitors by the thousands every year.


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