Kasol – The Israel of India

It is the time to break the boredom and get out of your hectic crowded life to explore the silence and of nature  glorious mountain peaks in the land of the Himalayas. There are many places to read yourself of stress and truly search for peace.

Kasol is a small hamlet in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh sitting quietly between the hill station of Bhuntar and Manikaran. Kasol is an ideal gateway that provides stunning views of the Himalayan peaks is really reached by the road from the town of Manali. It attracts visitor from world were to appreciate its distinct untouched beauty. Kasol is 75 to 80 km away from Manali and just 30 give me away from Bhuntar and some 230 km from State Capital Shimla.

Kasol – Israel of India

Here it is not just about the place or activity, it is also about knowing the hidden culture and traditions of this tiny hamlet main core “The Israel of India” Kasol is filled with a mixture of India and Israeli culture, A bigger section of the population in the town is from Israel. The local food await our culture is alsohaving their touch. This is the top
reason to call the place to be a mini Israel which you can compare with heaven too.

Hotels in Kasol

There are various options available to stay in and around kasol. Budget hotels, few resorts and luxury home stays as
well and this place offers great atmosphere all around. Fresh air,  blue sky, parvati river , local folks cattle grounds
green hills and lot more.

Kasol Hotel

The gardling River Parvati flows through the Kasol, The river has a steep gradient and a create mass of water so
it rages down in noisy torrents. It is inadvisable to cross the fierce River on full.

Parvati River

If you love hilly places and want to explore the natural beauty of Mother Earth then Kasol is one of the ultimate
destinations to explore. Kasol has many things to offer from trekking to camping to different types of cuisine as well as shopping from the local market. Apart from its scenic beauty the local people of kasol are also very warm to visitors.

Israelies in Kasol

Blowing through the Parvaty Valley, River Parvati is one of the major attractions in Kasol beautiful landscapes of the valley and charming Riverside makes this place better than the regular. Visit to River Parvati  isthe most relaxing and rejuvenating experience in Kasol

The quiet surroundings low population and a relatively moderate climate from the year bring back packers to Kasol
year after year. The hippie wife of the village is so strong that there are tiny settlements which will come back packers
to set up camps here any time of the year. It is also the start point of various TREKS such as surface clean Parvati and KhirGanga. The pretty coniferous forest cheerful happy streams and a happy culture while all of them contribute to making Kazan a top draw for tourists all over the world.

Kasol Camps

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