Angora Rabitt at Hadimba Temple Manali

Angora Rabit – Manali, Get Photographs, Videos, Price

Rabbits are friend rabbits are not food. We here to tell about the angora rabbit. What I can all tell you is it’s got extremely thick flur, extremely sharp claws and the only way to hold it is if you pull its ears back and catch it by the scruff of the neck and support it underneath. It’s a little cutie. It’s got this pink Wiggly nose, really beautiful pink weekly eyes and it gives you delightful wool for which it doesn’thave to be killed. It can be Shawn and then made into shawls and other exciting things.

Angora Rabit

The word angora is said to have come from “Ankara” and Turkey which is where this breed is found. Now remember you have Angora goats but you don’t get Angora wool where of will you get more hair from them. You haven’t got Angora Rabits you even have on Angora Cats, and what they do is they comb the other share them and they get what is arguably the softest, finest, natural fiber and warmest to for making shawls and stalls. The wool comes off easy as you can see and the other thing that you can do with average is make pie out of them.

They were first imported here from West Germany in 1965 and they’ve been here ever since . We all know rabbits can breed really prolifically. Now here’s something more interesting about the angora wool. They claim that it’s really good to cure rheumatism Arthritis Lumbago.

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